Welcome to the world of fun and games, meaningful work, fulfilling life and flourishing livelihoods!

I’m grateful to be one of the co-designers of Tivoli Utopia discussion game. Read the project description below and feel free to ask more information or a gaming session!

Design tools used:
iterative design process, gamification, workshops, interviews, prototyping, observation, systems mapping, wireframes, visual design

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Tivoli Utopia reveals a future where people have moved from a work centred and growth-oriented capitalistic economic system, in which people are just trying to succeed and maintain living standards, to a holistic values and humanity emphasising livelihood system. In Tivoli Utopia one is allowed to live a life according to your desires and values. The goal of the game is to vision your future self, set up your goals and then enter the Tivoli Utopia – a platform for discussions about basic needs, energy, natural resources, future of work, society and decision making practices and of course ways to have fun and get fulfillment.

Tivoli Utopia is a positively utopistic discussion game about the anthropocenic future. It tackles the wicked problems such as climate change, biodiversity loss, future of work and human flourishing in a easy and feasible way. The game gives a tools to imagine possible futures and helps to moderate the discussion about different practical utopias; desirable, feasible, societal designs of the future. 


This utopistic project was born as a part of Redesign of Society minor subject, organised my Media Lab, Aalto University and it was presented to the public in Aalto Fest! in spring 2016. The game got such a suberb feedback that we decided to continue the project.

Our team is a multitalent group of three utopia sisters: Me, as a service / visual designer and artistic lead, Jenna Puikkonen as a futurist and project lead and Ulla Pulkka as a copywriter.

We were happy to manage inspire Sitra to collaborate with us. From autumn 2016 to winter 2017 we participated in Sitra’s and Heureka’s Seitsemän Sisarusta Tulevaisuudesta -project. First we finalized the game by using service design tools and test playing sessions with four different types of focus groups. Then the final Tivoli Utopia discussion game was played in three cities of the Seitsemän Sisarusta Tulevaisuudesta tour. We had fun and insightful playing and discussions sessions with experts, politicians, teenagers and young adults.

Through those playing sessions Tivoli Utopia proved itself to be a neat tool for educational workshops, knowledge making and insightful discussions. Now we are collaborating with Youth Academy and MLL to share the game to every school child to access.

IG: @tivoliutopia & WWW: tivoliutopia.fi