Being a member in organic farming and food co-op Oma Maa is one of the things that gives me hope – and friends!


Luomuosuuskunta Oma Maa

Oma Maa is an organic community supported agriculture farm that runs by the power of a co-operative community. We aim to develop a new kind of solidarity-based food system where the line between a producer and a consumer is deliberately faded. The co-operative partnership offers the producing members a steady market to deliver their produce to while eliminating food waste. The food members get a steady stream of local organic produce. Besides the benefits, both member groups also share the risks of the production, e.g. poor harvest due to cold summer, as is natural in a mutual partnership.

In a bigger picture Oma Maa is an open operating model based on a democratic decision making. We aim to develop a new ecological food culture that’s one step towards whole food production systems change.

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