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Design for Government is Aalto University’s Minor Course that seeks new proactive ways of policy making and public service provision.
School project about EU funded Fruit and Vegetables Scheme

Our five person group got a project from the Ministry of Forestry and Agriculture. The original brief asked us to find out how the EU-money for School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme could be used in Finland. After the research phase, we underlined our goal with a vision: After primary school, kids have gained own “field-2-fork” experience about fruits, vegetables and berries. In order to make this vision come true we developed bunch of concepts, valued them and then continued with the most promising one.

This course taught me utilizing service design methods and tools into practise and gave me experience about working with the governmental level. After the course we were happy to be asked to present our work also in Helsinki Design Week 2015.

See the course web site and our presentation:

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