Sustis is a initiative with the aim of creating positive change by providing tools for envisioning alternative sustainable futures where we – and the planet – can find new ways to flourish

Articles I have written

Forget status quo – become a part of change.

Sustis pledge

On my journey on Planet Earth I pledge to become an agent of sustainability.

I promise to treat the nature with respect. I’ll do my best to engou

because in my choices the climate comes first.

If the sustainability isn’t in the design brief I will add it. And if that is not possible I’ll forget about the whole project.

Rethink your choices. Refuse singe use. Reduce consumption. Reuse everything. Renew old stuff. Repair. Repurpose. Re-engage and see the power of durable engagement.

Things I have designed 
Circular economy experiments
Campaign ideation and creation
Visualising the circular loops
School project: From field to fork
Organic Food Coop OmaMaa
Responsibility reporting tool
Co-creation of a digitalisation game for municipalities

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