Nice to meet you!

My name is Anna-Kaisa, aka AK. I am a Helsinki based vibrant creative individual who has 15+ years of experience in strategic marketing and brand design and 5+ years in service design.I also happen to be a trained agent of sustainability.

My track record consists of projects linked to circular economy and design, food production, built environments, design games and digital service creation. I am a proud Reaktorian, currently investigating the possibilities of digital sustainable transformation.

Things I find meaningful & inspirational
Futures thinking, especially utopian practices and design fiction.
Challenging own eating habits and changing the whole food production systems in coop Oma maa. 
Serious / educational design games for envisioning alternative futures ahead.

PS. Feel free to contact me if you want to order Tivoli Utopia game or want a facilitated playing session or have some neat suggestions related to design games!

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