Sustis is a initiative with the aim of creating positive change by providing thinking, methods and tools for envisioning new alternative sustainable futures where we and the planet can flourish

Articles I have written

Forget status quo – become an agent of change.

Sustis manifesto

We must seek for long-term design solutions which can take us towards sustainable futures. Because Infinite growth powered by finite natural resources is simply an oxymoron. Start the change from yourself and your practices, then help your clients see the change and make sure that there is socio-ecological impact.

1. Forget the human only aspect.
Instead, prioritise life-centric design. Say ‘bye bye’ to solutions that accelerate mass consumption culture and ‘hello’ to circular thinking. Figure out your values along the areas you want to have an effect, reflect them in every project, every meeting.

2. Guide organisations to raise sustainability ambitions.
Help them to adopt new mindsets, develop radical solutions and new business models and deploy disruptive technologies. Remember to be conscious about who you are working for.  

3. Make it democratic.
Building sustainable lifestyles are often exclusive and status gap widening. Ensure that you are building democratic futures by making the sustainable choices accessible and inclusive for all. Aim for regenerative, co-beneficial, solutions for both people and the future of our precious planet.

Sustainability related things I have designed and liked!
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Tivoli Utopia Discussion Game
Organic Food Coop OmaMaa
Co-creation of a digitalisation game for municipalities

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