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Sustis is my own creative space & design agency. The aim is to envision alternative sustainable futures where the planet and all living beings can co-exist and flourish.


What is sustainability? How to become a life-centric designer? Why we should be interested about sustainable digitalisation?


The essential terms and frameworks related to sustainability.

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Sustainable digital transformation

Digitalisation and sustainability put together can bring a broader change. However, technology is not a neutral tool – it has to become sustainable too!

Life-Centric Manifesto

Infinite growth, powered by finite natural resources is simply an oxymoron. It’s time to say ‘bye bye’ to solutions that accelerate extractivism, consumption and short-term success, and say ‘hello’ to life-centric thinking. It means creating products and services that profitably serve a need, has positive impact to society, wont harm humans, non-human animals or any living beings and takes the planetary boundaries into account while emphasising clean energy and avoiding the exploitation of scarce natural resources. life-centric approach benefits from:

  1. Decoupling the environmental bads from the economical goods.
  2. Regenerative, circular, systems and futuring oriented design practises.
  3. Democratising the society via accessible, affordable and inclusive outcomes for all.
Designing serious games is my specialty and passion.

These articles summarises what are design games and how to create a game yourself. In addition, you can also find few selected games I have co-designed. I have also written my thesis about this topic.

Design games for the future

What are design games and why they are such an awesome method to explore alternative sustainable futures?

Tivoli Utopia Game

Welcome to Tivoli Utopia! Here we envision alternative sustainable futures!

Sustainable Futures Game

Scenario based serious game for turning the SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) into actionable and tailored objectives.

Digi Compass

Digi Compass is a strategic workshopping game for municipalities.


What we could do together?

Tivoli Utopia Game playing session

Facilitated serious playing session about sustainable futures works from 6 to 99 participants, live or online.

Design game creation and consulting

Whether you have an actual game or a gamified experience in mind, I’m interested. Tell me more and let’s make it happen.

Keynotes and educational collabo

Invite me to spar or speak about life-centric design, alternative sustainable futures, design games or sustainable digital transformation.

Things I have created and liked 
Clear Filters
Circular economy experiments
Campaign ideation and creation
School project: From field to fork
Ecodesign sprint for circularity
Organic Food Coop OmaMaa
Responsibility reporting tool
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